Re-living memories, the place, ensnare
time was spent as a child, erupt in glitch.
The memories on grandmother’s farm where
The mirror image of herself bewitch

Revelation of lines disconnect source
As materiality is false flesh
between glorified childhood field of force
appearing through gongs into the world, thresh

into the session presently deform
the sound as the link between real and false,
beauty and sadness, remember, conform
to the fantasy of walking a waltz

in a white coat, years after, the self seen
one hundred memories, resource, a scene

one hundred memories, resource, a scene
A presence arrives from a recent past
A manufacturer’s AV Machine
A compact unit of convenience vast

Audiocassette and television
Mechanically so, but not for human
Senses vie and compete in collision
For the door inside dead media union

Flickering with its familiar glowing
On its miniscule screen, pale, blue, fuzzy
Searching for a signal, oceangoing
And self generated crack of skuzzy

Distant deep bass notes filling out corners
Amplified presence, media mourners

Amplified presence, media mourners
A shifting scene of global transition
The way to fall in love, two foreigners
Drawn together into the work’s fission

His side and her side attempting to see
How the beach and the bus ride conjugate
To a thing, romantic hyperbole
Of attempting the abyss, intimate

And in constant internal dialogue
Paired with the flux outside, new land, new drive
Toward being one with all travelogue
Into the other dissolve, power dive

Expand into the next wide conclusion
Now we are none, an optic illusion

Now we are none, an optic illusion
Animated symmetrically explore
How to translate the possible fusion
Of compositions of the open door.

Tone by tone, the formalities confound
To form the basics of the universe
In a breathing interplay, ultrasound
Of patterns playing parts of all converse

In a perpetual evolution
Of love triangles formed between formal
Senses of feeling cirumlocution
Roaming the edges of supernormal

Intimations of mystical senses
Of the numerical sign commences.

Of the numerical sign commences
In a conversation between figures
And their real oneiric consequences
Through an empowered voice reconfigures

The artist who seems to be waking from
A long, transportive, dream sequence portal
Unsure, yet finding footing with vision, some
Crucial answers about her Immortal

Reflections on surviving, a mirror,
The tool for awakening from the dream
An instrument for seeing all nearer
In space and time become particle beam

Directing towards a sheening surface
Visual movement, Poetic, All-purpose

Visual movement, Poetic, All-purpose
Thirty six pen and ink drawings, tangled
and cluttered organic forms of Furnace
motions yellow, red, and blue newfangled

like a clock newly positioned numbers
telling time like colors instead of time
arriving like unknown tiny slumbers
balanced on the clock of internal rhyme

circulating individually
more digital than pendulum told
late or early, simple, visually
transformed into others, mosaic gold

transformed into one color then the next
positioned as merging in hypertext

positioned as merging in hypertext
Silently flowing movements of blackness
Shapes, colors, and figures amass, vertex
Representing the psyche in Slackness

As black and white alternate and attract
With repulsive forces generated
By a periodic magnet contract
Signed within each color and form fated

Resonating between the two extremes,
the viewer has to ask what the forces
erupt in their telling, flowing Regimes
existing as triangle endorses

Contributing to flowing In the air
Re-living memories, the place, ensnare