There was a woman who owned a farm who did everything at her own pace; she loved to till the soil and watch things grow, hear the birds in the morning and build a persistent, stable livelihood.[1]This home and connection to her family and ancestors was where she shined the best, as it brought out her leadership skills and generous, loyal spirit that could be a bit intolerant at times, especially when something came between the gathering of these resources or the breaking of this connection to family and ancestors. But this farm was not only an outward foundation of a secure life, it was also the foundation of a secure inner life.[2]This wellbeing of this foundation is connected strongly to the way the public sees the farm, how well it is managing its resources, and the legacy that the ancestors have left for the family farm. Emotionally, she was very tied into this outward vision of her farm, as though her emotions were outside of her body at times, making people around her sometimes see her as aloof. However, this made her emotions actually quite steady and good for dealing with groups of people, and in endeavors that benefit humanity. Home was having the freedom and independence to do as she pleased.[3]Home was also being admired for the knowledge she had about the farm, her ancestors, and the landscape of the community; she took great pride in telling effective, entertaining stories built on the strong opinions she had calculated over the years, giving her a tendency towards stubbornness.[4]The ability to ‘hold court’ in her own home was a necessity, and this was often done over the telephone as she could talk to many people, learn new things, gossip, and be mentally stimulated all from the comfort of her home. She had diplomatic graces that made it easy to attract whatever she needed to her at any time, almost in an uncanny way, like honey that draws bees. However, there was a tendency to using people to get what she wanted, almost subconsciously, as she was so used to getting what she wanted, especially to fulfill her appreciation of beautiful, comforting things. In terms of romance, there was a tendency to rule her emotions with her mind, and therefore intellectualize her feelings, enjoying the excitement of love, yet fearful of its messier obligations.[5]However, if she wanted something she was able to pursue it with great determination and passion, be it a partner, or object of longing. With so much passionate dedication towards acquiring her goals, she could sometimes be blinded by her desire nature and treat loved ones as possessions, which requires her to learn a great deal of gentleness and diplomacy in order to not rub people the wrong way. It would be a great misfortune to lose relationships as they bring her so much rousing and energizing excitement, as well as bring a challenge to her more staid ways of interacting with the world that relationships can be a very important source of growth, helping her to be more well-rounded.[6]This source of growth through relationships is very tied into her will for living and can be offset by focusing on her strong intuition and broad-mindedness that is waiting to be tapped into at a more subtle layer of her being. As growth and expansion and getting ahead in the world are very important to her, it is of utmost importance that the organized way this is achieved is down with respect and honesty in all dealings.[7]Like all great leaders, she was not afraid of going out and doing whatever it takes or how long it takes to achieve her goals, and like all great leaders, this determination was undermined whenever she tried to interfere in the plans of others or become involved in meddling. This tendency towards meddling in the affairs of others comes from that rare combination of great sensitivity and strong inner discipline; this sensitivity is towards her own feelings of fear and doubt that creep upon her at times, fear of overstepping boundaries, yet fear of also not being able to achieve what she sets out to do – however, with such a strong inner discipline she is able to make restitution for any wrong doings that occur, especially in her relations with others. This strong inner discipline as led her to enjoy a life out of the public eye and have a love of solitude.[8]This love of solitude is where she can develop her unique psychic abilities out of the public eye, and away from the possibility of being ridiculed for having unique psychic abilities. She has held a long running interest in metaphysical ideas such as reincarnation, the language of angels, and human-animal communication, but prefers to keep it behind the scenes of her outward life.[9]Another reason that she perhaps prefers to keep this interest in the metaphysical a secret is because it is tied into her artistic and creative side which she has a great affinity for but which also brings confusion when idealism takes sway over her innate practicality, a source of constant tension.[10]One way to alleviate and also research this constant source of tension between idealism and practicality, and the desire to probe the depths of the mind for the meaning of life is to write; expression through writing can be a way of purging thoughts and feelings as well as a way to understand the way she feels about a situation or idea, and can help regenerate her sense of self.[11]In fact, coming to understand herself through her own thoughts and feelings by way of expressing them through writing combines the knowledge, experience and intuitive understanding that the emergence of wisdom in her psyche wants most to realize, and to apply these in a spiritual way, especially when it comes to waking up to the fact that there’s more to her relationships with the people around her than meets the eye, that everyone around her is in fact their own willful being with truths to be learned and lessons to be applied.[12]It is in this waking up to an expanded sense of understanding the people around her on their own terms as a way to feel interconnected with the world on the level of shared resources that can bring the greatest healing.[13]

[1] Ascendant in Taurus

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