There is a Sphinx with a head of a woman and the body of a lion.[1] She see the world and the world sees her as the courageous face informed by a fiery heart that spreads warmth idealistically to the community. The Sphinx gazes at the world from a plateau where she has plenty of space to be alone, especially after expending herself in socializing and sharing new ideas with the world about being a body in the world. [2] The Sphinx is royal in Egyptian mythology, a face always looking at the people from the desert – a relic from their ancestors to remind them of a mythology that shouldn’t be forgotten. The heart of the lion part of your body is in agreement with the female human that is there being a diplomatic face to the world – the heart spreads warmth immediately, bringing out great devotion in the people surrounding you. But the most important thing for the Sphinx to remember is how changeable she is and how sensitive to the surrounding environment: this comes from being royal for so long that the desire to want to please everyone is instilled strongly, but is greatly against her nature which makes it a constant tension between wanting to do exactly what you please and not wanting to upset anyone. The Sphinx is so sensitive to both the real and imagined slights of the people around her, but her positivity is so strong it lifts herself and everyone around her out of squabbles before they gain momentum.[3] This positive, adaptable mind is because the Sphinx operates best when comparing things and finding analogies between the micro and the macro, and with fine aesthetic sensibilities, her versatile mental acuity naturally seeks the information that will bring the most harmony to the most people.[4] The Sphinx’s mind is adaptable and far-reaching, yet very serious and orderly, with the ability to concentrate deeply on a subject matter, however material or ethereal, as she has the ability to see both as a structure of research. On a different level, the Sphinx is accustomed to dealing with the restrictions and limitations of larger systems, mostly out of her control, and their effect on those in weaker circumstances than her own – in these instances she has practiced her diplomatic resources to create better structures.[5] The Sphinx, alone in her abode on the high plateau where she keeps a watch on the world, while they look back at her as a relic of mythology from their ancestors, attracts money and possessions naturally, especially when needed. Because the Sphinx operates best when surrounded by harmony and a certain amount of luxury, this should be a priority as it keeps the Sphinx in a state of balance: having what she needs, feeling satisfied and harmonious, and therefore able to delegate the role she plays as best as possible. The Sphinx can be timid in love, but oh so kind and tender, preferring to show affection through actions that have tangible results like starting a community garden in town because she knows how much you would love to grow your own vegetables but don’t have the time or space for it.[6] The Sphinx gives herself high standards in work, being a bit of a perfectionist but mostly turning it on herself. She works with much energy and respect towards resources – but there is a tendency to let money come and go in order to de-emphasize its importance, whereas the resources gained from developing talents will be all the money needed when that rainy day comes.[7] The Sphinx speaks many languages and enjoys the knowledge and perspective gained from language acquisition. Speaking in a foreign tongue is akin to a complex mathematical arrangement, abstract and inventive and totally energizing because of the way it expands her horizons and outlook on life. The Sphinx has a natural ability for having faithful and influential friends, which you organize and plan large group activities with and have mutual support from groups and large foundations, especially related to different cultures than her own or that represent many cultures.[8]   Naturally, being a Sphinx and a symbol of ancient Egyptian solar worship with the human/animal being suggests metamorphosis, as is appropriate for the way the Egyptians saw their king as a link between humans and gods, standing constantly on the threshold of these two worlds. With this propensity, the Sphinx is highly intuitive, as well as secretive, with a curiosity for everything metaphysical. Many times she has experienced psychic experiences that she kept to herself throughout her life because there was never an outlet for expressing them. Perhaps because of this, she has an intense desire to be and feel free which begins with disposing unresolved difficulties in her subconscious mind.[9] Because her mind is so open, it soaks up information rather than acquiring it by force, attracting flashes of inspiration and insight at an alarming rate, with a pronounced gift for visualization in a broad sense. This makes knowledge coming from books unnecessarily pedantic for her. On cool evenings on the plateau of her abode, the Sphinx likes to gaze out into the night sky above the surrounding village and visualize new languages for humanity to develop together in the future. She is the initiator, imagining it first and sharing what is possible.[10] The Sphinx goes forth with these ideas, and anything else she is considering, with braveness and a strong will, enjoying the thrill of influencing and being influenced, as the sensation that is most craved from life is transformation and experience. The deepest waters of the universe are at her command, and when she is ready, she can channel them for healing purposes as these deep waters are a source of regeneration, a topic that is constantly on her mind. The deep waters are also magnetic, making her a bit mysterious and perhaps difficult to understand at times.[11] These deep waters that are the source of regeneration have a direct tributary to what the Sphinx serves to the world through the work she does, which she takes very seriously, as it is both her destiny to bring insight and wisdom from interplanetary beings to humanity to inform the way healing moves forward into the future, and is also where her own greatest wound and greatest healing will take place.[12]

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