The face was born close to the sun, shifting in the air above the wind as its travels begin immediately, animated by the sunshine.[1] The face is an experiment in appearances, unconfined and responsive to the environment.[2] It tells all the stories ever told at once in preparation for all the new stories experiences will gather.[3] Opening the eyes, it speaks and knows all that has just ended before it has even begun.[4] Ruled by a messenger who knows no geographical boundaries as he flies around with these stories, the face enters, delicate as the wind, capturing many impressions from everything it sees and feels simultaneously.[5]

In the center is a fragrant, paradisiacal garden island full of lavender and lilac that the face is tending in all moments while going about the daily affairs of life.[6] The berries that grow there are harvested in daily life where the tasks are mundane on the surface but completely committed in how much the task requires everything as you investigate to the depths of the depths before bringing it up to the surface to share with the world.[7] Anything stagnant under the waves from even a hundred years ago will be brought into a dynamic song.[8] Where the song recognizes suffering, the face responds in kind by asking all of the ancient serpent-friends it has ever known to find the anti-venom.[9] Then, draped in a healing robe, the song transfers all the wisdom of the anti-venom through the lines on the face, empathizing with others in pain. The garden is hidden from the world, although everyone knows it exists there, like a secret Shambhala or Lemuria or Atlantis that spurs the masses on adventures to find it.[10] In the garden also exists a very generous heart that gives all the berries from the garden’s luxurious flora to everyone they love.[11] Most of all, they would love to love here in the clandestine garden away where the rest of the world melts a thousand oceans away.[12] Walking through the garden at dawn, all the flower petals say with their little flower fingers clutching the air, that they will never abandon you.[13] From this promise, in the garden island surrounded by a distant ocean where you can still see the lights of earth, there is a direct light shining on you from an image of you on earth.[14] The image of you on earth has learned all the secrets from the berries which leaves a lasting impression on anyone who tastes the fruit of the future which took many years to cultivate and understand, through tireless tending in the garden that heals the world as they tend, even though they may be alone.[15] There is a fire in the garden that you can sing into a low flame that gets hotter and hotter the more you sing as it stirs all the winds around the thousand oceans with the value of what the appetite truly craves.[16] The song moves quietly, almost imperceptibly as it moves between realms, even going to such depths that it risks disappearing into a black hole, but such is the risk of carrying the message between so many realms.[17]                                                                                                                                                                       

[1] Your Ascendant is the sign that was rising on the horizon when you were born, so it represents your ‘face’ to the world – the skin that guides your interactions with your surroundings and also the first impression people have of you. Your Ascendant is in Gemini, an air sign, ruled by Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun.

[2] The Gemini Ascendant is represented by the twins, so there is always an element of there being two sides to everything, especially appearances and interactions.

[3] The ruler of the Gemini Ascendant is Mercury, the planet of communication. Mercury is in the 12th house, the house of endings and closure and also other dimensions. If you look at the 12 houses as they circle counter clockwise from 9 o’clock, the 12th house is like the last stage of life before being incarnated into the next life (represented by the 1st house).

[4] There are five planets in the 12th house! To me, this feels like you carried a lot of information about this in-between world with you into this life. It knows a lot about endings and beginnings.

[5] Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Gemini, the sign that it rules and works most efficiently in. Gemini is an air sign, so communication and information gathering is almost immediate, like a wind. And in the 12th house, it is like it could be coming from all directions at once.

[6] The 12th house is ruled by Pisces, the most spiritual of the water signs. So the 12th house is like a huge cosmic ocean, everywhere and nowhere. Because you have five planets there, and three of those (sun, moon, venus) it reminded me of a super lush garden (because Taurus is a decadent earth sign) floating in the middle of this cosmic ocean. Taurus is the sign of the bull, very grounded, loves earthy things and the luxuries of the five senses. These five planets in the 12th house is so prominent in the chart it seemed like this fragrant garden floating on a cosmic ocean could be a metaphor for the whole chart, like a place that your psyche is always hanging out in on some level, even as you go about daily life.

[7] The house opposite the 12th house is the 6th house, dealing with opposite but complementary matters. The 6th house is about daily life, routine, physical health, preparing, being in service to others. You have pluto in the 6th house; pluto is the planet of death, transformation – it is the god of the underworld. So having pluto here feels like you go to these depths with pluto in some aspect of daily life, even unconsciously, but you do it to serve some greater good.

[8] As you have the sun, moon, and venus in Taurus, the sign that rules the throat, and is opposite the pluto in the 6th house, it feels like some aspect of this service to the world would be through communicating – singing, speaking, writing.

[9] Because you have all of these planets in Taurus, it also makes the 2nd house significant because Taurus rules the 2nd house, which again rules the throat. You have mars, the planet of will, drive, and power there, and in the water sign of Cancer. Cancer is super empathetic and like an emotional genius. You also have Chiron, an asteroid that represents our deepest wounding and where we learn about that wound so much that it becomes the place where we can help others the most.

[10] This is again about the five planets in the 12th house. The 12th house is also the most hidden part of our chart that people don’t immediately notice. In this way, it is something that is revealed the more one gets to know you.

[11] Venus, the planet of love and how you express love, is in the 12th house, so the way you give and receive love is from this lush garden, metaphorically.

[12] Since Venus is in the 12th house, and also the moon, the planet that represents where we find comfort emotionally, it has something to do with doing that not completely in the public. Venus in the 12th could make you a private lover, or have a fantasy of loving in a place far away from the rest of the world, either geographically or idealistically.

[13] The whole garden is Taurus ruled, and Taurus is the bull who likes steadfast attachment to basically everything. In this garden, since it is floating on a cosmic ocean, it can always exist on some level, like a virtual world you always have access too. But that doesn’t make it less real or less earthly, it just exists in another dimension where existing doesn’t necessarily have to follow earthly decay.

[14] You have Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, very close to your Ascendant, but still in the 12th house. I feel like this gives the impression of extreme presence, despite having all of these planets in such a clandestine house. It is like a light shining directly on you even though you are somewhat in a ‘far away’ place.

[15] This is again about the connection between the pluto in the 6th house of service to humanity and daily life, and the 12th house. Pluto in the 6th is about long, deep, thorough, cultivation of gifts, but they are filtered somehow through this earthly garden in the 12th house.

[16] This is about the 2nd house, how it also rules what we value and how we appreciate ourselves and others. With Mars there, the god of war and ruled by Aries, it is also very firey, so having it here in this emotional, watery sign of cancer is like using your emotions to chart what you is truly satisfying to you.

[17] Mercury in the 12th house is like having your communication exist in many realms at once, and since it is in Gemini, the master communicator and in an air sign, it is even closer to the mythical Hermes, who carried messages between the gods and the humans on earth and the underworld at extremely fast speeds, like it was no big deal.